Rosy, 16 years old from the south of England. I like pretty things like flowers and I blow bubbles on my own in my spare time. stuck in a rotting body and trapped on a dying planet ☯


Of Mice & Men - The Storm

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Everything went downhill after we got married.It was difficult,because I was trying to get him help for his problems,and eventually I realized that he didn t want help.I wasn t supportive about his partying or his relationship with another girl,and as much as I loved him I wasn t going to be part of that.
 -Dita von Teese

I was married to someone who wanted me to change.Become more adult,more responsible.I began not to like myself,not like what I do.I lost my identity.Everything began collapsing around me.  -Marilyn Manson

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Newspaper article on Jeffrey Dahmer

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this is my favorite line in the history of ahs

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